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Let me be the first one to wish my entire family of the wellbeing blog a very Happy New Year.

A fresh year and let’s take a look at the fresh new look of the blog which has been appreciated by a lot of you. Thank you. For those of you who have still not checked it out, please do so and let us know what you think about it. We are also open to constructive criticism.

Let this new year brings new perspective, hope, aspirations in all our lives and also be the year of new beginnings. Let us just have one resolution this year- we will be our own best friend and put ourselves before everyone else. Make this year for ourselves. If we are happy and the content will be able to spread happiness to those around us. This is a chain reaction. One smile, one laugh will spread to everyone around us and from them to everyone around them. It will have a domino effect. Let us be the beginning of the change not for anyone but ourselves.

There is a small experiment you can do to check the effects. Smile at a random person on the street and see the smile spreading on their face. (Though sometimes you will see a frown too as we have by nature become distrustful people). The feeling when you see that smile spreading is priceless. The person mood immediately improves and in turn, they will pass on the smile to someone else. Thus, the saying that a smile is contagious.

In fact, the part of our brain that controls our “smile muscles” does so automatically…. So, smiling can be entirely unconscious, especially in response to someone else smiling at us. Another study says that smiling isn’t so much contagious as it is an involuntary reaction known as mirroring- the act of matching a person’s facial expression.

Whatever the studies tell us the bottom line is that one smile from you can change the way other people face their day. So, what is the harm in smiling? It is not only improving other people’s mood but yours too. So, keep smiling and spread the cheer. Plus, you are important and smiling will lift your spirits and in this new year let’s all march into it with a big smile and not worry what others will think about us because we are the best and we are perfect as we are.



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