Rejection is not Denial | Lavanya

As an extension to the positive culture, many of us have been ‘propagandized’ with the belief that we should non- reluctantly be accepting and be affirmative.

Here’s the main say from the so-called positivity books- ‘open yourself to opportunities, be affirmative. Say yes to everything and everyone. But what needs to be done is to “close the sight to senseless sights”, because we need to reject something otherwise, we stand for nothing if nothing is better or more desired. Then our lives are empty, without any value, any purpose.

The avoidance of rejection is often sold to us in a way to make ourselves feel better. But, avoidance is just a short-term pleasure that only makes us directionless for the long term. Here is a simple explanation to it, there is a certain level of contentment you get in life after you have gotten into a successful career, relationship, craft, which would not have had happened if ‘rejections’ were not made along the way.

The act of choosing a value for yourself requires rejecting an alternating value. If I am choosing to judge my ability to be more open to new friendships then I am certainly choosing to dump the other side’s trash.

The point here is to be concerned about something to value something. To value something, we need to reject the other something.

Rejection is an important and crucial life skill, nobody wants to be stuck in a position where they are not happy. With a job with a pile of workload, in an unhealthy relationship yet some people choose the path without rejections. They might be scared with an act of rejecting rather than being rejected. But honesty is a natural human craving, and you are human to yourself then to the world, be true to your craving reject what is not wanted. Accept what is desired because a yes person is liked by everyone. But a person with an opinion is remembered, so, who do you want to be?


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  1. Very well written ! Rejection of that so called positivity for short term pleasure and accepting what is better for us in long term is a crucial part of the path to become successful. Keep It up ! Proud of you!

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