With Love comes Pain | Jatin

To Rockstar,

Calling you a movie would be a gross understatement. Calling you an experience would be incomplete too. You are something so real and deep that even after a whole decade; you make us feel things that no other movie has ever made us feel. In the innocent eyes of Janardhan, we all saw our naïve reflection, untouched from the feeling of love, hurt and pain.

Every one of us has practiced ‘Girlfriend banja meri, tu aur mei rock kardenge’ 100 times in front of the mirror and has thought of asking this to our crushes, ignorant to the fact that with love comes pain, with Janardhan comes the shadow of Jordan.

We’ve all had our Heer. The one for whom we could’ve done anything. The one who could’ve been ours. She was, at least for a while. After that, pain took her place. We found ourselves walking in your footsteps, finding our calling in that pain, making a house there and accepting it. Just like you sang to glue back your broken pieces, we wrote.

We spent countless nights listening to Tum ho, remembering her, wishing she was here. Tears were given words in Nadaan parindey, our anger in Sadda haq. Kun faya kun remains the one song that makes us one with God, and for that we love you.

You’ve made us realise everything comes at a price, be it success, greatness or love. You’ve helped us channel our pain into something more beautiful and shaped our perspective on what love is. It’s not all dreamy and mushy, sometimes love consumes you while you consume it. Making us glad that something so pure and raw was given to us. Thank you for giving us an experience that we didn’t know we needed.

‘..Galat aur sahi ke paar, ek maidan hai, main waha milunga tujhe!’

(‘..Beyond right and wrong, there is a field, I will meet you there!’)

Every Rockstar Fan

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