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Acceptance“- a word that is often seen written all over the internet. It’s a word that holds a lot of weight on its own. However, it’s important to know what it truly means, and realize it. Often people run away from new ideas, new perspectives and things that might seem different to their likings. It results in jumping to conclusions too quickly.

There are people that come from all walks of life. There’s not a single fixated way of living and that’s what brings diversity to our society. It is imperative to accept people as they are. Everyone does not need to have the same likings, interests and habits but to accept that different people can have different lifestyles and choices according to their preferences.

A lot of people are afraid to showcase who they truly are. That is their fear of being judged creeping into their mind. Imagine a situation where you’re in a public setup having a group discussion and feeling uncomfortable talking about your beliefs and likes because those around you might disagree with those inputs. You don’t necessarily have to agree with everything as, of course, everyone’s beliefs and opinions will always vary but you can always be open-minded enough to accept them. That is the whole idea behind accepting others as they are. Entire point is to let them be, respecting their individuality.

It is all about embracing the uniqueness of every person. This is what ultimately makes this world a beautiful place. Beauty lies in the fact that we get to learn and see the world with varied lenses. Life starts to feel a bit more colourful and less monotonous.

Another reason why it’s important to accept others as they are is that all of us have something to learn every day. So why should we pretend that what we believe in is the final truth? Opinions and beliefs are always subjective and there’s never a concrete answer. Moreover, most people would appreciate it if they felt accepted and felt more comfortable around you. Freedom of having one’s uniqueness is something that should be celebrated in the larger scheme of things.


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