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Try looking around yourself today and pause for a moment. You will find enough reasons to feel positive and express tremendous gratitude. The life that you have, the people that surround you and the memories you make whatsoever, is all a measure to feel positive and appreciated at all your highs and lows.

We often express gratitude by thanking people or by simply gifting something materialistic that would make up for the favour they made in the past. But is this gratitude? Of course, it is but it serves a bigger purpose. It is much more than feeling grateful, instead, it is a much deeper appreciation for someone that builds long-lasting connectivity.

Gratitude can be expressed in so many different ways. People can use gratitude to embrace what they already have or to fix a current problem by apologizing. The fact that you get to live each day and make it your own, the feeling that life does not come with a guarantee card is worth a motivator to make every day, one of the best days in your life.

Gratitude is an act expressed unconditionally. If someone is upset because of you or in general, try writing a note or letter for them expressing what they mean for you, what makes them stand out in your life and then register the way they would feel happy after reading it. Believe me, it’s priceless and nothing can match this feeling for them. Having done this, you are not expecting anything in return but making them realize their value and expressing utmost gratitude for their existence.

Expressing gratitude comes with its perks. The more you make it a habit to express gratitude, the more it strengthens your interpersonal relationships. The less it causes conflicts among your peers because you tend to filter out what is necessary to mess with and what can be easily ignored and moved on with. It makes you more optimistic without you taking notice as the lens with which you look at the world sort of changes. You start to look for more positives than negatives and also reduce stress. Conclusively, it enhances your overall wellbeing.

Gratitude, therefore, is not merely a concept. It is a lifestyle, adapting which can lead to numerous benefits you would feel great to have experienced. There is no sole purpose but a much bigger motive behind adapting it. We want our societies to hail better and thrive so that we can lay the foundation better than before. We already have so many issues worldwide we possibly have no solutions for. We can at least do something to bring a small change in society that improves our well-being. Next time, whenever you find some time try practising gratitude. Believe me, it is fulfilling and multiplies happiness for so many people around.



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