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Learn from your mistakes and move on. But these mistakes will leave scars. In order to heal we need to move on. Some of you will ask the question โ€“ Is moving on as simple as I make it sound? The answer to that is No, it is not but we need to do it. If a wound is not treated it will fester and become septic. If this poison spreads a body part has to be amputated to save a person. Similarly, if these scars on the heart and soul are not treated, they too will fester and become poisonous and will disable a person emotionally.

The scars are our battle symbols. In ancient times tribal warriors used tattoos to cover their battel scars. Every tattoo had significance. It told the story of their battles. It was a symbol of what they had managed to achieve and learn from every battle whether it was won or lost, the learning outcome was always there.

Similarly, we learn from all our wins and losses but in today’s world, we have become so focused on winning that we fail to recognise the learning coming our way. Losses are just losses to us now. It is the people who learn from their losses and move forward are the onceโ€™s who go on to be better people.

Scars are not to be hidden as we now do but are the proud reminders of how we have transitioned into better people. But have we?

No, we havenโ€™t and that is the reason that we cannot be truly happy.

If your answer is Yes, for those (like me) who are proud of every scar that they bear be it on their soul, heart or body- good for you. To give you a visible example of this is the stretch marks that women have after childbirth. Some rejoice in them while others try to hide them as a symbol of what the body has transitioned into. It enhances the beauty of a woman but in this materialistic world of today, we fail to see the beauty of it and end up spending time and money trying to get rid of them.

Getting rid of them, will it truly make you happy? If the answer to it is yes then I am truly happy for you. If your answer is no then all you did was waste so much of yourself in a process that will eventually give you sadness. Let me share another secret for those of you who said yes, you are lying to yourself. It is time you be honest to yourself and understand that you owe no one any explanations or answers except to yourself. You also need to be honest with yourself only then will you be able to wear your scars with pride and be truly happy.



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