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Hanging out with our friends and family surely gives us a sense of relief from the daily stresses of our lives. However, there are times when we want to isolate ourselves and give ourselves some personal space. Like anything else, it’s not a bad idea if done in moderation. Getting habitual to the peace and calm of the solitude can solidify itself into a prolonged period of being isolated from others before we realize it. This makes it all the more important to keep our feelings in check. It is necessary to set aside time for ourselves yet ensure that we do not delve into the deeper pit of isolation. It can lead to disastrous outcomes.

One of the biggest problems that may arise due to being isolated for long is losing the ability to communicate properly. We need to express what we feel to others if we want them to understand what we’re going through. As we never get to be around people, there’s no time to practice the art of expressing. Communication is an underrated skill but it is an important skill to be good at for many day-to-day problems.

How are we supposed to be confident when we don’t even want to gather the will to face other people? Isolating ourselves from the outside world dents our self-esteem. It is one thing to form an image about self in our mind but it is another to act like what we think we are when we’re in a gathering. Indeed, we should not judge ourselves by what others perceive of us but it’s not advisable to completely disregard them.

Regardless of how much we like living in our bubble, it is a lonely place if we stay in it long enough. It is a known fact that isolation can lead to feelings of anxiety, and loneliness. Looking forward to occasions that we once felt excited about starts feeling like a burden. Instead of getting excited about seeing people we adore, it starts feeling dreadful. Like with most things, giving ourselves personal space should be done with caution.

The transition of social isolation is so gradual that it happens before we know it’s happening. We would be taking one day at a time and all of a sudden, days are ticking by and we are slowly finding it challenging to face the crowd and it takes all our might to even attend the social activities that are supposed to be fun and are meant to be enjoyed. It must be kept in mind that regular interaction with people is not only about maintaining relationships but also about maintaining our overall well-being.


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