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A few months ago, one of my friends texted me and told me that she is Bisexual and I am the first person to know this because even though she has known this for quite a while, she isn’t ready to let the world know. A month or two later, she told me that she told one of her cousins and they were very understanding and supportive about it and she was happy and relieved that they didn’t judge her or make fun of her about it. She was scared of how she would come out to her parents. “I am mentally practising my speech to come out to my parents. I think it’ll traumatize them. They are so not ready and even imagining their reactions scares me”, she texted me one day.

Another friend of mine was afraid of how the people in the metro and markets would judge him if he held his boyfriend’s hand while they hung out.

We are social beings, yes. Living in a society, yes. We need socialization and mingling to survive, yes. But do we need society to define every aspect of our life? Every decision? Every action? OUR choices?

“You are still a child. You don’t know what you want”, “This not what you truly desire!”, “This is just a phase, honey, it will pass”, “You will realize after some time how childish you were”, “This is not a joke. And if it is a joke, it is not even the least bit funny”…

Why is it so hard to accept someone who has sexuality BESIDES Heterosexual? Why does a female saying, “I like girls” or a male saying, “I am interested in guys” still the air but someone saying, “I like soccer more than basketball” doesn’t even elicit a second’s pause from anyone?

All the Homosexual or Bisexual people know what they want, what their likes and dislikes are and they’ve spent a lot of time reconsidering, re-evaluating and reanalyzing their decision. They KNOW it isn’t a phase. And they need to stand tall and make, at least, the people who matter to them understand this.

Parents, family, society need to understand that just like they’ve come to love their pet like their own child after some time, their child/friend/neighbour has come around to like people of the same sexuality as theirs. It is equivalent to developing a liking for another Ice-cream flavour. Do you tell someone you feel embarrassed or ashamed that they like Butterscotch flavoured ice cream and not chocolate flavoured? Then why is it so difficult to accept your child’s sexuality? Why is it ‘disrespectful’ to see two men holding hands on the street? And why is okay as long as “my child” isn’t Homosexual/Bisexual? Why is it so difficult to understand, accept and have an open mind?



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