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Even today, adopting a kid in an Indian household is not considered an ideal set-up. It is either considered to be an alternative or helpless. And unfortunately, it is neither of them. A biological child would give you the same happiness as the one who is adopted. A child is a child at the end of the day and it all depends on how much of a home you create around them to make them feel your own.

There are so many abandoned kids without parents around who just need your love, your presence and acceptance. They want to be around you and experience life to its fullest. But there are a lot of stereotypes associated with adoption which does not make it very easy to adapt. People often feel that a child can only be adopted when you have the best life for yourself first in terms of finances or time. But we often forget that an orphan does not want any of it, they just want you and your belongingness. In addition, there is an assumption that it won’t be easy to love the kid just like you would shower your love on your biological one. But truth be told, it only depends on how much can you accept this relation and make an environment to adjust the kid and also vice versa.

Of course, it is not a smooth journey and there would be challenges with family and relatives to be accepting, but it gets better with time. Also, each child is different and might take their own time to settle down and accept you as parents. Because each kid is different and requires treatment accordingly. As parents, there would be times when you would make mistakes and learn from them and become better. It just adds to your experience and makes you better people as a whole.

On the occasion of World Adoption Day, let’s unite and make an effort to spread the word of not leaving any kid on the streets without basic amenities. They deserve all the love and light in their lives. If we can contribute to spreading the word to people who would will willing to adopt, it would mean the world to the budding life. Nothing gives the joy of being a reason for someone’s smile and changing life as a whole. Let us make an effort to do it and spread love.



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