International Day of Tolerance | Rohit

TOLERANCE can either make a man or break one. 

We have always been told by our parents that we need to tolerate and we always asked ourselves why? Why tolerate an urge, why tolerate an irritating cousin, why tolerate eating that dish I hate? Toleration has always been a part of our life. Even today we are tolerating someone or something and have been pretty fine about it until someone comes to us and tells us that it is a problem. 

Toleration is beautiful because it also brings in ignorance which people say is bliss. Ignorance and tolerance in coordination create an alpha. An alpha who knows where and when the next step has to be taken and how. Toleration isn’t gender-biased. It can be a man or a woman or LGBTQ. It has no boundaries. We all tolerate it. Tolerate the government. Tolerate the reality. Tolerance is neither indulgence nor indifference. 

This is a great day. 16th November. It is the International Day of Tolerance. Tolerance is respect, appreciation and acceptance. We all need to do this. It’s not a choice but a compulsion because everyone has a right to be what they are. You can’t change the way how a person is but you can change yourself as a person but for that, you have to tolerate. Tolerate to a level where anger becomes flowers, where life becomes imagination and where love becomes a language. 

Are you still tolerating this article? Thanks, I am glad. If you have come this far then you sure can put in all your efforts to tolerate something you have never been comfortable with. Go ahead tolerate that new job, your new boss, your girlfriend, your husband etc. Just remember this would just lead to happiness won’t bring you down. You would understand that the true meaning of life once you accept life the way it is and slowly and gradually your toleration will become the truth. The most comfortable part of your life. Stay happy and tolerate more. 



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