Life: A Bewitching Tempest | Lavanya

Life is a bewitching tempest  

Wherein love alone ensures conquest 

Filled with intriguing moments. 

Life is an amazing  

Amalgam of experiences 

Blending thoughts and actions, 

Life presents its unique reactions. 

It smiles like in a reverie  

Never failing to usher in another worry, 

Life is a testing puzzle  

Challenging our faith and hope, 

It preaches like holy Pope, 

Seizing our peace and calm  

It bestows the sea with placid charm. 

Life is a mysterious conqueror- 

Placing on our faces a smile  

It elopes with peace to an unseen mile  

Promising the heaven of eternity  

It avenges with brutality 

Life perhaps demands surrender. 

At bottom  

Life is a bewitching tempest. 


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