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We wake up, the day begins, we complete repetitive yet necessary chores, the day ends and we fall asleep. The same story happens all over again the next day and we, sometimes, tend to forget about our emotions and robotically, simply tend to focus on the next task and then the next one and so the cycle continues. It’s highly probable to feel distant with yourself after a while of following the same old cyclical pattern every day where you feel like you’re only going round and round in circles. As a result, one may feel “out of touch” with oneself and wonder “who am I?”

This brings us to dig deeper into our mind and a philosophical discussion ensues with ourselves about the identity of our own. One wonders whether it’s worth thinking deeply about the dilemma and finding out what truly is one’s likes/dislikes, what kind of a person they want to be, what they are aspiring to get out of life, and if there are millions or even infinite possibilities of what their future could be like. The significance of forming and accepting our own identity lies in the fact that we need to know who we are to fully understand what we might want to get out of our life or perhaps not even to that extent, but certainly, it is a stepping stone to be in more control of our life choices.

People around us try to define us by evaluating us from what we display outside. However, what we show about ourselves to the outside world is limited. This is the reason it is often advised to not judge yourself by what others perceive of you. Forming and then accepting our identity is an internal idea. One that needs to be defined by us only. It is also important to not only know who we are but also important to be comfortable once we begin to understand ourselves. It is not merely about finding out or forming our identity but also about being comfortable with who we are.

Often, I have observed that a lot of mental stress comes when we are uncertain about our identity, in essence, about our self. It results in trying harder to be or act like someone else. This is a recipe for disaster in the long run as faking our individuality comes back to bite us in the future and, potentially, can cause an existential crisis. One longs for the answers and try to know oneself wholly which makes it extremely significant to create, shape, modify, and most importantly accept our identity rather than resent it to be closer to our mental peace.


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