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Do your dreams die with increasing rat race?

Do you ask this question to yourself as you grow up? I am sure we do have thoughts about it sometime or the other. We are unfortunately trapped in a generation where achieving considerably huge milestones at an early age is considered to be kept at the pedestal. Someone who started a startup at an age of 18 or less and made their way through in a couple of years is considered to own it.

Of course, they deserve their fair share of appreciation because anything against the norms is bound to be appreciated. But how about someone who is in the phase of 25 or more and is still dealing to find out their passion or something they could easily agree to dedicate their life for. We are chasing success at such a fast pace that we have sort of forgotten that we can fail in the process and can resume again.

This ‘rat race’ as you may call it has left almost no room for people to ease themselves and find their way through. Have we ever thought why did previous generations survive long marriages, were tolerant, did not deal with mental health problems as much as today? The answer is pretty simple. Today, with the advent of social media giving rise to so many platforms, the personal and professional lives of so many of us are not hidden anymore.

We are a generation who are somehow bound to follow the algorithm for being a known face. Naturally, with increasing age, our view to look at our lives change. We get clarity in our thoughts but there is a catch. Not everybody gets their calling at the same time. We are different people, with different circumstances, different way of looking at life. Don’t get me wrong but our motivational speakers keep pushing us to break our barriers and be a go getter but clearly our privileges and opportunities differ.

Our carrier path matters but our inner peace matters even more. We have fortunately started giving attention to mental health now but according to Quora queries, there are still enough people who lag behind in their career paths either because of preparations or switching career paths.

We do not realize that life happens just once. If you are healthy and have basic amenities, you already have enough and trust me you will find your way sooner or later. This might go out as discourse but I genuinely mean it. If we stand in unison for each other, our mental health might also be hoped to improve. Let’s stand for each other and try to bring voices which are somewhere dug in pessimism.



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