Perfect Imperfections | Lavanya

Somehow, we are convinced to find peace and to be full is the goal,

When maybe the goal is to just be okay with the chaos, to find the peace which still is astray; at times we really do teach ourselves how to accept the uncertainties which life offers.

Maybe the goal is to be okay with not having all the answers,

To finally learn to live with the void instead of just filling it with whatever. Being a human being, it’s completely normal to not be perfect every single time. It’s not necessary to be on the ball every time.

Well, maybe the goal is to be okay with who we are rather than entering the pretentious cycle of who we are not. In today’s world where everyone is just looking up to someone to be like them. In my opinion, the ideology here is wrong. One should be able to know oneself better, and how to look up to one’s self is the moto; as it is said- “Self-Love is the key.”

The words go by- I know the future will be great because I have seen the present get better than yesterday.

This sole line is a beautiful example of embedding your trust in the universe and trusting the way things work. To be afraid because of the past is just going to lead you to a day late and a dollar short in the future.

Never give up, is just half right, sometimes you got to stop trying too hard and trust the time. rust your instincts, getting blinded by the expectations of society is not an option. Keep your eyes open, be easy on yourself, you’re meant to have it all but it is only possible by identifying the void and shaping it into a beautiful piece of art. But, even if still you are told to keep going. Then keep going and keep going don’t let it hover over you. You came a long way for it, you deserve it!


16 thoughts on “Perfect Imperfections | Lavanya

  1. “Maybe the goal is to be okay with not having all the answers.”
    Rightly said 🙌🏻

  2. Every single line of yours hit me hard…so relatable and actually made me feel comfortable with what I am and not pretending

  3. “Self-Love is the key.”
    Wow Lavanya! you’ve expressed your thoughts amazingly. So excited for your next article.
    proud of you !

  4. *“Self-Love is the key”*

    *”the future will be great because I have seen the present get better than yesterday.”*

    Wow lavanya👍🏻 how beautifully you have expressed your thoughts,👌🏻 wishing you good luck for your upcoming articles😘
    I am eager to read many more from the wellbeing blog❤️👍🏻

  5. After reading your written lines, I was very impressed with your level of thinking and choice of words to write. We are all proud of you. I pray to God to keep his blessings on you always.

  6. Lovely article… Great thoughts summed up in short words… Looking forward to read more such enlightening ones in future… All the very best👍

  7. Rightly said. A deep thought has been put in the content. Great effort. Nicely summarised.

  8. Amazing….so proud of you…..way to go princess😘 can’t wait to read more articles by you..
    My super duper rockstar writer 💋

  9. Very well summarized.Every line has fantastically expressed.Exceptional thought process.
    “Perfect Imperfections”
    Always Proud of you.

    1. Amazing Lavanya… You are superior in your thought process literally.. proud of you sweetheart ❤️❤️

  10. Your positivity is infectious and your writing is beautiful.
    Keep it up and all the best.

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