Importance of Good Parenting | Ambalika

We are born in this world; we reach our teenage years and then finally grow up. The people who play the most important part in our lives are our parents. If your family or primarily your parents are toxic or are the ones who don’t really get you, it is traumatizing. You smile, play, laugh and do all the activities that gauge your attention but that hollowness never goes. I repeat, never! A part of it stays for life. 

Parents don’t realize how desperately a kid needs them when he asks a question or maybe wants to pour his heart out. The parents who don’t let their kids do that, commanding them, can’t have their child’s love. We are living in an era where a kid has all the means to know, communicate or even play online. Despite that, he chooses to walk to you and spend time discussing all the lame stuff his mind and heart carries. Parents unknowingly treat kids so bad not realizing what effect it has on the mind in the long run. For once, why can’t we realize they are humans too? They have a heart just like you. Treating them any less just uplifts their negativity for you and the people around and never grounds them.

There is a reason we say childhood shapes you or breaks you. It depends on how the kid takes it and wants to take it further. But since parents are their alma maters at least in the initial years, it is the utmost responsibility to source all that they can. Well, if not financially then mentality just by providing an environment that prepares the kid for the world.

Love is not just an emotion; it is a hug to seal the deal for the kid. Give him love and teach him to be good and honest. As it’s rightly said, ‘Kindness is more important than being right’. You sure are the boss of the house but a budding seed is also supposed to be nourished and watered to grow and bloom, a kid is anyway a human who breathes and laughs and does all that you do. Always treat them right. They are the truest by heart.


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