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From the year 2020 as coronavirus emerged we have learnt a lot. Locked up in 4 walls, watching as the virus took many but it was an opportunity for us to grow individually and spend time with our loved ones. Though this was a boon for us. The biggest problem that people face nowadays is OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Being locked up has made us more cautious towards everything and sometimes it scares us so much that we develop OCD. The fear of contamination, Unwanted thoughts, passive aggression, the feeling to harm ourselves or others in a certain way. The majority of the population across the world is not able to diagnose it and that becomes alarming. OCD requires a medical diagnosis but it goes unattended and people don’t talk about it and suffer it for a very long time. Overthinking can destroy everything and we are well aware of the fact but our mind has no control over it. 

Often we used to meet our friends, go out and attend parties as we are social animals we always feel a need to connect and share. These crucial times have taught us who our real friends are and up to what extent a social life is needed. Some people have locked themselves up since the first lockdown and refuse to go out because they are too afraid to face the reality as they have created a whole new universe in their heads. This leads to depression and a constant need for someone which sometimes is not possible and people end up having suicidal thoughts. Corporates have taken a major step to curb this problem as they arrange seminars and free speech sessions in which people are encouraged to talk to each other, find someone to talk about their problems, also arranging meditation sessions to get a hold over that little thing in our head. Our brain is where it all starts.

All we need to know is that the times are bad, we need each other and if in any way you can help keep the person talking to you happy then that is more than enough. Don”t disregard anyone due to their current condition as they might be suffering more than we can think of and for those who have OCD life is beautiful and you all just need someone to talk to. Always stay in touch with either one of your parents, guardian or friend who genuinely wants to listen to you another way to curb this is through various therapies like cognitive behaviour therapy, rational emotive behaviour therapy and so on. You can also treat yourself with medications that your doctor can prescribe always ask your doctor what’s best for you to avoid the risk of any complications. Last but not least calm your mind down, use meditation as a tool to kill what kills you. You are loved and always will be loved. Remember this.


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