Mental Health Awareness | Atray

There’s a time in your life when you don’t feel the need to ponder over your mental condition. It’s all fun and games when everything’s going well. However, as one grows, it’s inevitable to face the ups and downs of life.

That is when one realizes mental health is as important as physical health and it’s needed to be taken care of actively. There’s a misconception about mental health-related problems that one can simply “switch off” or “be more positive” about it and that’s the cure for it. It is rather a process where you slowly work towards betterment than a quick fix.

People are often advised to follow coping mechanisms when they’re distressed. For example, when you’re angry or frustrated, it is advisable to channel that energy into a productive activity such as sprinting or weight lifting instead of throwing and/or breaking things. It could be any other activity or any other form of behaviour according to the preferences of the individual. Continuity is important. It is unwise to expect that the change in one’s behaviour can happen overnight for long-term solutions.

The key factors that are often ignored are understanding and empathizing with the sufferer. Listening plays a key role in such matters. Most people hear what the other person says but show no intention of taking the time to process it. It’s a common saying that people are simply waiting for their turn to speak rather than processing the information at hand and then making an informed opinion. It is important to take notes in regards to the actual problems of the sufferer. People often make the mistake of forming assumptions and keep blurting out their narrative instead of taking the time to understand the intricate details of what is causing the issue in the first place.

Lastly, mental illness is complicated. It seems nonsensical and that is the reason proper education on the subject matter is needed to spread awareness. Understanding and analyzing the thoughts of the sufferer are important aspects. They should not be discarded and must be respected. A person can look fine from the outside but that’s not always necessarily the case. A physical injury can easily be detected because it can be seen. However, mental injuries/illnesses are as real as them and acceptance from the wider population can help us in developing different ways, mechanisms, therapies, and medications to treat them better.


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