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Movement Disorders. They are defined as repetitive, involuntary PURPOSELESS movements. Now, reading this you must be wondering why am I turning a post on a well-being blog into that of a medical blog? I want to say this – Just like that purposeless movement, a movement without any motive, without any reason, we forget why chose to do something in the first place anyway. What was our motive? Was it our purpose?

When we lift our hand, what was the reason why we decided we wanted to lift our hand? It’s like forgetting we had wanted to move our hand to pick up that glass of water to drink from it, we just raise it and drop it. Again and again. Purposelessly.

And that’s where we lose the will to learn. We lose our drive. We stop feeling the rush, the high, the refreshing feeling of accomplishment of small tasks by taking tiny steps.

So, it becomes necessary we stop those purposeless movements and do a movement which is meaningful. It becomes necessary that we stop, look back and remember why we started what we were doing? Why we wanted to do the thing which we are currently doing? We need to remember what DROVE us to do what we are doing today. Why we SHOULD be doing it tomorrow, or if we should be even doing it tomorrow or not.

Think and remember why you were doing whatever you were doing today, then again tomorrow when you wake up, remember that’s the reason you need to get out of your bed and work.



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