Consistency in Change | Shalini

The only thing consistent in this world is change. Think about it………

The only thing that we can be sure of is that everything will change, it is constantly changing. We are changing…. Growing older, more understanding or maybe even less understanding (depending on a lot of factors) change is the only thing that we know will definitely happen. Look around yourself, what is a constant around you? You, people around you, things around you?

Nothing is the same including yourself. We want things to go on as they are when the going is good, but it does not happen that way. People change, things change, circumstances change. Nothing stays the way it is. With time everything changes. It is the only constant in our life. Nothing stays the same except change.

This was another concept that was taught to me by a friend but which took time to comprehend. We know things but to actually comprehend them are completely different things. This is true for most things in everyone’s lives. We understand the concepts theoretically but the practical understanding takes time (sometimes a lifetime). By the time we actually comprehend them and understand the depth of those concepts completely different doors start opening. This is something that has happened to me. Unfortunately, now that those doors have opened, I don’t know what to do with it. What will happen next? The doors have opened but which door is good or correct for me?

These are the question that as of now I am unable to answer. The answer to that I believe will take time. I think another journey is on the cards for me to find an answer to that question. Another instance is that change is inevitable.



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