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Lately, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed and tired. Many of us can relate to the fact, there comes a point in your life where you feel tired and disappointed for no apparent reason. You are hurt, angry, frustrated and confused. You feel a lot of emotions at one time and you want to fly away from them. But you could not.

You feel the pain inside your chest.

You want to escape the world and create your own.

You wish just a sigh of relief.

Wishing to be a child who can cry, laugh and be stubborn, creative and all the other things that child does. Hoping to be pampered, yet wanting to be independent.

You wish to be a bird, like them you can open your wing and fly away from your problem.

You wish to be a rainbow, colourful and cheerful as it seems.

You want to be a sky, who is open and adaptive tonight.

Wanting to be flower, who is radiant and shining.

You wish to be an adult, committing mistakes, learning from them, living and loving life. No boundaries, no commitment and nothing holding you back or any kind of responsibility which are stopping you. You just wish to escape and try. Failing.

Then you realise you can not be any of these now. But wishing and imagining and hoping one day this pain and this emptiness will leave and your wishes to be fulfilled. Deep inside you are waiting for your knight but my darling in this world full of fake-ness and heartbreak you have to be your own saviour, you have to be your own knight. Protecting yourself, loving yourself and be your own kind of beauty.

And then, the void will be filled, you will be able to break away from the prison of hate and negative thoughts. And one day when you can really fly out of your wing and just be free in your own world.


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  1. Completely get what you are saying, you will survive it. Most definitely will. My best wishes 💓

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