Delusion of Mankind | Rohit

Have you ever wondered about the predictability of all that happens? The déjà vu and the consequences of the actions of our present on our future?

We alone are responsible for all the mishappening around us and we know everything but still choose to be ignorant to be happy in our mindset.

All of us are a story. A story that wants to be told. A story of hunger. A story of greed. A story waiting for its last page.

We know our grandfathers and forefathers through a story we live our lives around the sacred texts which were written to guide us to our future. We were told how to live, how to behave, how to read and write, how to be a better human being, how to be a good ruler, how to be a great politician. It’s all written.

But have you ever thought is everything real? Is there a purpose to everything or is it all DELUSIONAL?

The purpose of existence is unknown, all we can do is rely on our greatest gurus like Buddha, Shiva and many more. We are living in a space created by our minds. We are living in a world created by our thoughts and consciousness. We know what needs to be done but still, choose to ignore it for some reason. We are living in an era where judging is easier than improving. Humans are a race that evolves but these days with modern technology and lack of motivation have led to our degeneration.

This is all a delusion; we must wake up and face what is coming and understand that this might be our only chance at life on earth and it would not come back and the existence would smile at us and would lead the path. A path of happiness. A path of spirituality.


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