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You can’t have it all. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. No matter how much you try, you just can’t have it all. We all drudge through our life, overcoming challenges every step of the way, thinking that one day we might have it all. One day, we’ll be satisfied with what we have. But that never happens, does it? We learn to stand up but then we want to walk; we learn to walk but then we want to run. We score well in 10th but then we want to score good in 12th, uske baad toh aaram, right? (You can rest after that, right?) Ask a person who is in his 50s and he’ll answer that perfectly. The grind never ends. There’s an argument to be made that wants breeds living. If you don’t want something, you have no purpose. So, the question arises: what to want? When can you say that maybe we do have it all?

Did you finally land your dream job? Did you pay your mortgage on time? Great! But, did you spend that evening with your friends where you talked about how everything is, but work? Did you make time for your parents this weekend just so that all you can hear gossip about your relatives together? These instances might not seem too important, but these are the moments where, for one second, you can feel that you might have it all. Don’t take me wrong, landing your dream job is a huge thing, and I’m happy for you. But, seeing your partner dose off on your shoulder while watching your favourite movie will make you feel something you’ll never feel even when you earn enough to feed a village- Satisfaction. I guess if – want breeds living, then satisfaction breeds comfort. People nowadays are so busy achieving the bigger goals in life, having a huge house, doing well on their job, pleasing their bosses, having a good car, the list goes on, that they forget that the real comfort lies in the little things. Most of us have spats over how our job is consuming our personal life, how we prioritise our work over our relationships, and at a certain stage, it becomes a reality. We are so worried about our future, that we forget to live our present. Life is not about our milestones, it’s about the journey to them. You won’t take the memories of your promotion with you, you’ll take away the moment when your kid walked his first steps, or the day your parents told you how proud they were of you, or the day you finally got married to that one girl you’ve been chasing for years.

I guess what I’m saying is, if you really want to have it all, maybe you’ve already had it all, but you never noticed. Stop running in this hypothetical race with everyone, because SPOILER ALERT- there is no winner. Instead, stop at a pit stop and talk to the water boy and listen to his journey. Maybe he’ll tell you something that you won’t learn in your practical corporate experience. Little things matter- it’s not just a quote, it’s the inevitable truth.

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  1. Very true and part of every one’s life. Very well conceived n written Jatin.

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