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“It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you, if you allow it”

This quote by Leon Brown truly intrigued me.

I, as a human being, have the ability to perceive everything that is happening around me, in my surroundings. I hold the ability to absorb information from my environment, process it and respond to it. That’s one of the fundamental functions of the brain. But, as a human being, this ability of processing information varies from individual to individual. Something that I find to be

 stressful may mean nothing to someone else. The way I PERCEIVE information, the way I PROCESS that information, all this accounts for how I will RESPOND to that information.

Talking about this in reference to the quote by Leon Brown, everything starts in my mind and it ends in my mind too. The positive thoughts, the negative thoughts, I am the one to feed that energy, those thoughts and respond to them on that basis. Thinking excessively over something, stressing unnecessarily, overreacting over an incident that probably won’t even happen in the future are some of the things that all of us do. Making a mountain of a molehill leads us nowhere, especially when we are the only ones over-analysing the situation in our minds. The stress, the worry, the panic, the confusion, the fearβ€” they all begin in our heads. If we give power, feed to these negative thoughts, these negative thoughts will consume us, dictate our actions and responses, hold us as leverage and control us.

But, instead of this, if we focus on our dreams and aspirations, keep on thinking about the positives, focus on the good and bright side of things, look ahead to see a future that we want for ourselves, we are giving power to the thoughts that will make us reach higher, work harder and become better.



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