Ocean of Imagination | Atray

Humans have this special trait of being able to imagine scenarios that may have less or no chances of happening in reality as we perceive it. Wandering through a fantasy world and experiencing the life that we may never live is refreshing on its own if you think about it. Life, in general, tends to become slightly mundane as you grow up and set into a daily routine of living. It’s understandable since the responsibilities start to weigh on us and the ones we know start to drift as they face similar circumstances.

In a growing world where virtual interaction is taking over, igniting the spark of our imagination has become extremely relevant for our mental peace and well-being. There are a couple of ways I like to let my mind wander through the deep ocean of imagination.

Fictional novels are a tremendous source of invoking emotions that we may not otherwise feel. I remember how strongly I felt about love when I read “A walk to remember”. On the other hand a book such as “Looking for Alaska” helped me explore the philosophical aspect of losing a loved one along with the intense feeling of love.

Apart from the novels, music and lyrically rich songs nourish our creativity and imagination. It also becomes easier to remember the words when the sweet, melodious sound lands on our ears as it leaves an impact for the ages on our minds. It leaves us wanting for more and we end up listening to the piece of art again and again due to sheer admiration.

Often, people say, as you go along with the flow of life, it is important that you start feeling comfortable with yourself and see how beautiful your existence is. Let your mind wander a bit and allow your conscious to explore the deepness of the imagination it possesses, if only you give it the permission to take you there.


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