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If everything is destined……. then why do we put effort to make things happen?

This is one question we have not only asked each other but even to ourselves. There are various answers to this question but to be honest there are no right or wrong answers. Your answer will depend on your faith and beliefs.

I believe that we have a certain amount of choice in our destiny. You will find yourself at crossroads at various stages in your life. It is you who have to choose which path to travel on. You also have to work to reach first the crossroads and then down the path you have chosen. Thus, the effort.

I ask you again- if everything is destined why the effort? If I am destined to do great things, I will. I will just sit at home and not do anything, what then of my destiny? People will argue that it was my destiny to do nothing thus I did it.

But the bigger question here is – Do we know what is in our destiny? The answer to that is a big no. so what should one do?

Tricky question.

If we know our destiny, we will wait for it to happen and we know that waiting is not the way to go about life. Therefore, even astrologers who profess to know the destiny and try to tell us the remedies for what is about to befall us in our journey of life also say that their remedies will minimise the problems. It is our destiny- good or bad we have to cross it. We can either do it with a smile in which case it will make this difficult journey slightly easy or we can crib about it and make an already difficult journey even more difficult. It is entirely up to us.

Some say that our destiny is written in the stars(astrologers) while others say that it is written in our hands(palmist) if it is true then why don’t we just ask them and lead our life’s? Even if they could accurately tell our destiny what would be the fun in living that life? The unknown in this journey of life is what makes it interesting and exciting. The unknown just around the corner keeps us going.

So, my advice to all my readers- believe in your destiny and the fact that there are great things in store for you and move forward with a smile on your face and confidence in your step for

Great things come to those

Who moves forward undeterred?

Who makes their destiny?

So, smile

Move forward

The future is yours to conquer

And conquer it you shall.



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