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We’ve grown up listening to “Hardwork is the key to success”, “Hard work can lead you places”, “Hard work never fails” and so on. We’ve grown up listening to how important hard work is and how we can achieve the world if we work hard towards our goals. All this is true. Hard work is the keystone to achieve anything, to become successful. But more than hard work, what matters is the EFFORT we put in. Hard work is Step 2, the first step is to put in the effort to do something. Without effort, we can not work hard towards our goal.

Taking a simple example, if my goal is to become a good writer, hard work would help me in improving my writing style, it would help me write better, but if don’t put in the effort to write, the stage of hard work would never come. Another example can be losing weight. To lose weight, I would have to work hard on exercising and controlling my diet; I would have to work hard to control and change my eating habits, physical activities and lifestyle. But the step one would be putting in the EFFORT to get up from my bed and putting on my shoes to exercise, it would be the EFFORT taken to not eat that extra slice of pizza even when I want to feast on it as if it was the last slice of pizza in the world ever.

In this race to win everything, we forget that although hard work plays an essential role in getting us closer to our dreams, it is the effort that we put in that decides whether we will achieve our dreams or not.

I am working hard to write this post but if I am making no effort that the people who are going to read it would understand anything from this defies and contradicts my goal which was to reach the hearts of people, to tell them something, for them to understand what I am trying to convey.

An effort is like that kick start that gets things to start working, hard work is what keeps them going to reach that destination that we have in our mind. So even though we have always focused on “working hard” our entire lives, we must put in the EFFORT to it first.



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