Moving On | Niall

All of us at some point in our lives have had to move on from something, whether by choice or thought circumstances beyond our control. It can be one of these things that are necessary for growth in one’s self or to escape something that may have been positive at one point but has now become toxic and damaging to one’s self. If you have been in the very fortunate position to keep a job, friends and relationship from day one until the last, great. But to the others, you will be able to relate to this post. I am by no means in the lucky position of the former. Having had many jobs, luckily for me all within the field I selected upon leaving school. Or maintaining long term relationships within my life with the expectation of a few, that can be counted upon one hand. You may read this as a negative, and be turned off. Yet this is not my intention, it is only a way to share my experiences with the readers to help others who might be at a low point. As stated, except for one or two jobs, when I was asked to leave, all the other jobs I have chosen to move on of my own accord. Giving my all and using them within my career and life experience. This is not to say all have been the best of the best, far from it. Yet they have all helped me in some way. Even bad experiences in your life, though you might not enjoy them at the time they are happening, you will look back and think I lived through that and gained valuable life experience. Some of us might even take elements of the current Covid Pandemic and think, yes that was a bad couple of years, but some good did happen within that time. I can think of two big events that happened to me this year, which were big positive milestones within my life during this period.

In terms of friendship or relationships, similar rules should apply. If you enjoyed being with someone, and events change when you don’t want them in your life anymore that’s okay. I would advise you to do that sooner rather than later. Do not go back to a toxic relationship, just because you had good times at one point. Remember these special times yes, do not hate the person now. But if you have drifted apart for whatever reason, just move on in the best way possible. Now I’m not going to get into the best ways to do that, as everyone has their methods, but I do think you should. Do not hang on to something if both of you are not happy and giving equal amounts of effort. I had a group of friends from my first job upon arrival in England, I would say I was still the outsider within the four, but was still accepted and had some good times. From bowling on Sundays, Uno nights, to even two trips to New York City. These were all good times, but we all moved on at a point. Finding serious relationships, moving locations or simply not having the same interest or time anymore. This was a moment of my life I do not have any bad thoughts about now, having seen these people for the first time in years a few weeks back. It was fine, but it will never be the same and that’s okay. Of course, in this instant, I would look to find other friends, something which has evaded me thus far. But I’d rather be on my own than give and give and get little to nothing back. I wanted to write this post as an instance at my work very recently has brought upon another change, something I did not necessarily want or plan for but is needed to make my life happier. Which at the core, is what it’s about, you being happy at whatever it is and where you are in life.ย  To end, I leave you with the title of a song, I’m enjoying at the moment by Fitz. Keep my โ€œhead up highโ€ It’s true.


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