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A broken heart doesn’t heal easily. In life, there are times when an experience leaves us shattered and there is no way a person can move on. Perhaps some experiences are not meant to be moved on from. Losing someone close open one’s eyes in a way that changes their perspective regarding life by an enormous magnitude like a frog in a well jumping out to finally see the larger world around it instead of jumping in another well.

Loss of a loved one, seeing death in front of one’s eyes is an everlasting occurrence that, potentially, transforms a person overnight. Few years ago, I lost my dear mother after she had battled for many days. Obviously, it broke me. It took me quite a few months to come to my senses. I was functioning prior to that but barely. It changed my life drastically. I had to get up on my feet, up my chin and march along with the world quickly. Life doesn’t stop even if the souls we love slip away.

In psychology, Kübler-Ross model is a widely known theory which states the five stages of grief, namely, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance.

Discussing from a more personal viewpoint, coping with a tragedy like this is necessary instead of trying to “move on” and forgetting about it for our own well-being. Coming to terms with it and accepting that they are no longer with us is necessary but it certainly takes time which means patience is required from the individual as well.

However, they don’t really ever go away from your memories. Longing to meet them once again will keep coming from time to time as if that is the last wish one would want to have. Holding their hand for one last time, wishing to spend more time together and hoping to feel at home once again-all such emotions hit every now and then.

Realizing that every living being’s time is limited in this world is an eye-opener which made me think that I would want to leave positivity and happiness behind as much as possible because one day, I shall no longer be here. I do get angry and frustrated at times. However, whenever you fall down, ensure you get up again. Each day is a new day and a fresh start is always possible, if one is willing to wake up from their sleep.


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  1. Pain can really change people. It’s certainly gives a new perspective and I just realised how often I get upset by little things in life. I’m glad I read it today.

  2. “Life doesn’t stop even if the souls we love slip away” ☹️☹️☹️😣😣😣 Can’t imagine my life without my parents😣😣😢😢

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