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What does it mean? How long do we need to have patience?

These are the questions I started with. Let me back up a little bit.

Whenever we ask or demand anything, we are told to have patience. People generally tell us this in practically all situations in life. But what exactly is Patience? The dictionary meaning is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

Is it even possible? For how long should the situation last before it is ok to be annoyed or anxious? Is it even possible to have patience? Every individual will react to the same situation in different ways.

We are often told that patience is a virtue. I would like to add that it is a virtue that a few people have. But again, is it even a virtue?

There are more questions than answers on this topic. Besides it depends on the perception of the people in the given situation. Patience is again something that can not be quantified thus perception and thus the questions and the ambiguity of the answers that are going on in your heads after reading this piece. Also, the reason for the confusion in my head while writing it.

My thoughts are all over the place while I am writing this blog and I am unable to consolidate these spread-out thoughts. Let me try again and start at the beginning again.

I am a school teacher and during the pandemic, we have been hit in more ways than most people can comprehend. But that would be true for most professions. Anyway, we are exploring unchartered areas in the field of education thanks to Covid-19. It is turning out to be a learning experience for us. The teachers have become students themselves but instead of having other teachers to guide us, we are self-learning by the trial-and-error method.  We are going through this process without any help or resources plus we have taken a pay cut. Bad conditions made worse by it. The working hours have actually increased, the expense has increased and the income has reduced. After all this, we are told to have patience. Is it justified? After a year of having patience, we are told to have patience again. Thus, making me come back to my question – how long before we can stop having patience? There should be a timeframe to it.

Every time I think that we have hit rock bottom and now the only way to go is up, I realize that the bottom has opened up and we are falling again and I tell myself the magical words “have patience”, but over last year I have started questioning my own beliefs- should we have the patience or should we take steps to make the situation better? What if whatever I decide to do makes things worse?

I have started doubting myself. That is the flip side of having patience. If you show too much patience then you reach a point where you no longer know what will be better for you. But again, how much is too much patience?

All I have ended up doing is having more questions than I started with and no answers to any of them. I think that I should leave you with all these questions and let you decide what will work best for you.



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