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If 2020 was the “Year-that-must-not-be-named”, I don’t know what we are going to call 2021. It has been not even 6 months but this year feels like it has been dragging on forever; June is about to end but I still feel shivers going down my spine as if I am walking wearing only a thin t-shirt on a freezing January morning.

I remember sitting in my History class, listening to my teacher tell us about the Great Rat Massacre in Vietnam in 1902 and thinking how the people must be feeling, reading about the Black Death and trying to imagine their plight, listening about the World War and wondering what the people were going through seeing everything around them crumble to dust. I never thought I would be facing a time like this too, a time when the “normal” I have known for 20 years of my life would suddenly disappear with only chaos surrounding me.

It scares me, scares all of us, the thought of what “future holds”. More than half of the time that we are awake, we are thinking about the increasing death tolls, vaccine shortages, oxygen tank shortages, how stressful the online classes and work-from-home are― anything and everything related to the pandemic.

Our everyday life has become a routine of starting the day with a disturbing news and ending it with a much more disturbing news.

My friend texted me telling me how she didn’t want to do anything because “What’s the point? Everything is a chaos. It is as if the world is ending.”

As shocking as it was, I knew what she meant. Majority of us have stopped looking forward to the next day because we think it will be the same thing on repeat―an online class which makes no sense, work from home which is more like no-work-at-all, flipping through TV channels to see the gut-wrenching stats.

Stop. Don’t do this.

We are torturing yourself by thinking about the worst. We are thinking about all the things that can go wrong tomorrow. We are worrying about what the future holds. We are blaming ourselves for the things we could have done or wouldn’t have done, had we known we were about to lose someone so dear to us.


You are not running a marathon. Pause. Breathe.

Do something that helps you forget about all these things, that bring a smile to your face, makes you excited. Talk to people, catch up with friends you haven’t spoken to in a while, it feels good. Paint, draw, try cooking, have a movie marathon, pull an all-nighter, miss that 8 am Biochemistry class (I doubt most would have understood anything anyway), tale a day from off, sleep in.

Sitting and thinking that everything is going wrong, that doing anything would be pointless and useless is not true. We all have lost someone we loved and admired, and the pain of that is unbearable. We all are suffering from that ache but that doesn’t mean this is the end. Nothing lasts forever, NOTHING. The least we can do right now is just do the things we love because taking care of yourself is important too! Don’t let your head fill with toxic thoughts. Don’t make such barriers around yourself that lead to you lose yourself.

Instead, let us just take care of yourselves. Let us just be hopeful, that one day everything will be “normal” again. No, it won’t be the same, it can never BE the same, but it will be fine, we will overcome it, we will get past this.



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4 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Hope | Kritika

  1. Well, we’re nearing June end, not May end but that aside, the message is loud and clear. Find the best even in the worst.

    1. I did change the “May” to June within half an hour of uploading. It might not have refreshed on your end. Other than that I’m glad you could relate to it. Thank you for your kind words.

      1. Oh yeah it did change. I actually read it way before but got the time to comment later so didn’t notice later haha. I figured it was perhaps written a month earlier so it wasn’t really a big deal.

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