Men’s Health Week | Rohit

Tough Times are here. The time we never asked for but with these times comes a physical and mental breakdown in men across the globe. Men have been experiencing a lack of motivation and have lost a sense of wellbeing these last years. Lockdown has us thinking negative and has just been a trigger for our mind to overthink everything. Not to forget that we are working from home which has severely affected our daily routine and we have lost a direction to keep our bodies in good shape and to take care of our mind. This has to change because wherever we are today is because of our health. We survived a lot and just because we have leverage at everything today does not mean we take ourselves for granted.

The major problem in lockdown is people are getting to know themselves rather than just meeting new people. Some love it but some struggle to see what they are. This is where it gets alarming and this is where we need to ask ourselves is this who I want to be?

As we look in the mirror and see those love handles numerous thoughts cross our minds and this demotivates us, it derails us from what we want to be. There is a limit our mind and body can resist and we must ensure that’s always in check.

Most men do not have many people to talk to, they are lonely and I think this is a virtue for them because once you value loneliness and know how to harness it. You are invincible because you enjoy your own company. You do not need anyone by your side and all you can think about is your wellbeing and health. Some middle-aged and young men are wasting their lives on the deadliest monster this world has ever seen (masturbation). Though it is healthy if in moderation but they are overdoing it and lack of this much energy and protein in their bodies is making them weak and makes their mind incapable not to forget the constant sexual desires and thoughts that can affect your daily work and your relationships with your spouse, parents etc.

The need of the hour is to wake up from our misery and work towards our health. Walk daily on your terrace or inside your room for about 10 minutes, 10 pushups, 10 sit-ups and 10 squats a day. If you are not under a lockdown, you must go out early in the morning either to cycle or to walk for 10 minutes, Meditation is a great way to control your mind and to get over the feeling of loneliness or to stop overthinking.

This life is great and we must make a full out of it not sit on our couch and wonder WHEN but to stand up and wonder HOW.


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