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Throughout the last year wherever you may be within the world, it has been a very strange time. The biggest event to take hold of the world since the world wars has caused confusion, sadness, uncertainty, loss & changes that have and will be felt for months if not years to come. Yet in saying this we are as a society on the right track to return to life from similar levels a year ago. Writing from the perspective of living in the United Kingdom, the government has recently released and put into effect a plan to remove the social restraints imposed in one way or another. These events have made an impact on us all in some form, it could have been on the more extreme and sadder end, in the loss of a loved one. Losing one’s job is certainly something some have had to deal with. Or it could have been on a relatively small scale you miss your friends or doing your favourite activity. With the expectation of the first point, we are on the right track to return to the things we have lost or missed. True in the situation when one may have lost their job, that job possibly might not be available even when things return to a new normal. But this could lead to an opportunity to find something you enjoy far more and change life for the better. This is not a proven fact by any means, but it is hard to think what will happen next week, let alone six months from now. If you’re one of those people who have missed out on your hair being cut, trips to the cinema, visiting your favourite restaurant or your desire to head on overdue holiday, these things will come back in time, some sooner than others but they shall return. I, myself have missed all these things and am looking forward to the dates when these will be possible to return. There is a fine line between optimistic and unrealistic. Though I will say don’t plan out every detail prior to these being possible, yet when things change and we return to a new normal, follow your desires, do the things you want to do, tell the important people in your life what they mean to you and live life to the fullest possible.



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