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These are the lines of a Hindi song.

It basically means that a question is being asked to a person who is forever smiling- You are smiling so much, tell me what sorrows are you hiding behind this over bright smile?

Too much of anything is bad but we try to hide our sorrows behind unusually bright smiles. A person who truly sees us will be able to see behind this smile as it is the smile of the lips and does not reach the eyes. Eyes are the doors and windows to our soul and if someone truly wants to know where we are, they need to look into the soul through our eyes and the truth shall be revealed. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing or capable of looking into anotherโ€™s soul and to act as a healing balm for them. It is a huge responsibility which most people are unwilling to take.

Unfortunately, we live in a selfish world where everyone is as broken as the next person and not willing to take the responsibility for another even when we are willing to profess our love and devotion for that person. What has the world come to? Are we truly evolving into better people or have we become so superficial that we fail to even see what is staring at us? Do we only see what we want to? Unfortunately, the answer to all those questions is Yes. We truly have reached an all-time low in human compassion. The people who we expect to help us in our time of need are generally the cause of most of our problems. But it is a two-way street, what they are doing to us is what probably we are doing to them as well. So, it is not fair to put the blame on one person. Be open, discuss, listen.

Let me share a secret with you. The more you smile, the more people will want to be close to you not because you are happy but to see how they can make you unhappy. People do not feel happy in their good luck but are happier if people around them are unhappy. They derive happiness from the unfortunate circumstances of the people around them.

So just smile and you will feel better. Things will not change only your attitude and your outlook on those same things will change which will make it so much easier to move past it.



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  1. No one cares these days..if u have found someone who cares about you without expecting a lot or without their own benefits then u are very lucky.. Never hurt them or let them go.

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