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“To join or fasten together.” I came across this simple definition when I searched for the word “Connecting”. We come across thousands of people in our lives from the time of our birth to our death. From our parents, siblings, family, friends, teachers, colleagues to strangers on the public transport, a library or a friend of a friend. But out of these thousands of people we meet in our lives, we connect with only a few. Out of those thousands of people, there are only a few people who understand us the best, who hear us out, who know what we are talking about, who can imagine what we must be feeling.

A connection is a bond with a person you aren’t afraid to show your true self to‒ your thoughts, your views, your ideas, the real you. You aren’t afraid to open up. You will voice out the things you want to say, the things going in your head, but even if the two of you are quiet, the silence would be comfortable. The conversations would flow easily between you two; it won’t become awkward. You won’t hesitate to share your views with them and won’t worry about what image or impression you are creating over them. You won’t feel insecure or inferior with them. You would be able to confide in them, without the fear of being judged.

But whenever we hear the word “connection”, the first thing that comes to our minds is a “romantic relationship”. No. Having a strong connection with someone, having a person who believes in something as strongly as you, having someone who listens to everything you have to say‒ all this does not necessarily mean you have or need to have a romantic relationship with that person. The idea of “soulmates” and “connection” is about understanding where a person is coming from, what they are feeling, or if not that, then being able to imagine what they must be feeling like, being able to put themselves in your shoes.

You can connect the best, share the most beautiful connection with anyone. It can be your partner, yes, but it can be also be your friend, your teacher, your grandfather, your niece, that one stranger you had met on the bus; anyone.

Try to find that one person who understand you the best, who connects with you the best, you understands you the best so that you can express yourself the best.



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