Bliss on a Bleak Day | Jahnvi

The term languishing defines the middle ground, when you’re not great but you’re not bad either. It is important to recognise it and here is a little something that might help.

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Music Credit: Quality_Online_Media from Pixabay and George-Sundancer from Pixabay

3 thoughts on “Bliss on a Bleak Day | Jahnvi

  1. Well, heard this term “languishing” for the first time. Informative episode, good pace, pleasant voice.

    Inactivity is killing me..until I realise I didn’t do much when everything was open, anyway.

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  2. I had freakin’ 3-4 trips planned for this year. Australia, Canada, UK and North America were sure shot…. I’ll go insane..absolutely sucks right now.

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  3. Contrasting saying he didn’t do much and the other one had her world tour planned for the year… personally I relate with the former..not much has changed in my day to day life..been languishing for years it seems..

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