Bliss on a Bleak Day | Jahnvi

The term languishing defines the middle ground, when you’re not great but you’re not bad either. It is important to recognise it and here is a little something that might help.

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Music Credit: Quality_Online_Media from Pixabay and George-Sundancer from Pixabay

3 thoughts on “Bliss on a Bleak Day | Jahnvi

  1. Well, heard this term “languishing” for the first time. Informative episode, good pace, pleasant voice.

    Inactivity is killing me..until I realise I didn’t do much when everything was open, anyway.

  2. I had freakin’ 3-4 trips planned for this year. Australia, Canada, UK and North America were sure shot…. I’ll go insane..absolutely sucks right now.

  3. Contrasting saying he didn’t do much and the other one had her world tour planned for the year… personally I relate with the former..not much has changed in my day to day life..been languishing for years it seems..

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