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Cultural appropriation is a topic that has been in the spotlight for a while now. But sorry to disappoint the majority of you, because this isn’t a viewpoint many will appreciate. But I pride myself on this platform to be pure and provide original thoughts. So, I will give my very honest point of view. When celebrities get dreadlocks or any other beautiful hairstyles that come along with a particular culture everyone gets mad. Why? People get mad because what they’re wearing or styling is authentic to a particular culture. But we are in the twenty-first century, where we are striving for equality more and more every day. We have more access to the world, including their cultures easily. Easier than many years back. I understand that over tanning oneself when you are very fair can be a point of anger because there are certain limits. But when someone dresses like another culture or styles themselves so, why are we getting so angry?

I think we should see things as more positive than negative. We should see it as someone who reaches millions with one picture is appreciating the culture that otherwise often goes unnoticed. Many people in western counties also dress up in Indian attire and you don’t see billions of us going crazy about them wearing it. I see it as a sign of respect. They like what we wear, how we style ourselves.

We all need to look at the positive side of things and stop spreading hate everywhere. Hate gets you nowhere. The rich cultures of South America, Africa, Asia are loved and celebrated by celebrities all around the world and then they get excited and put a picture on social media and we throw hate at them. Imagine you go out for a makeover, you get your hair, nails, makeup done. You are very excited about it because you think you look great. Then someone comes up to you specifically to tell you how bad you look. What will happen to your self-esteem? Why are all these celebrities becoming more and more private in their lives? Because we are forcing them to do so. Spread love, not hate.

They look great no matter what they wear or however they style their hair. They are celebrating your culture when they do that, do you really think someone will dress up and style themselves just to disrespect a culture? No, they like it, that’s why they do it. Honestly, it’s flattering. Some people do it for the wrong reasons, yes. But don’t hate on everyone for it.

2 thoughts on “Cultural Appropriation | Jahnvi

  1. One should dress however they want and people can give their opinions but shouldn’t say hateful stuff.

  2. I love the diversity when it comes to people’s attire. Hating on celebrities just because they try different things is foolish and wrong on so many levels.

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