Fact or Fiction | Niall

There are different writing styles. The spectrum of Fact and Fiction has a vast variety of way to write and no one end of the spectrum is better than the other.

Blog Post: https://kiarajahnvi.com/2020/12/12/fact-or-fiction-writing-style/

Music Credit: Music by Ambient_Nature_Atmosphere from Pixabay



9 thoughts on “Fact or Fiction | Niall

  1. Hmmm some international mix in the blog…I personally like reading fiction a lot..I liked how you specifically mentioned that he’s the only male author right now on the blog heh..seems like more boys should join u

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      1. Yaaa… things is he has UK accent which I can understand but still sometimes it’s hard because of accent and the voice is not as clear maybe due to the mic or recording device.

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