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The best kind of Antiques is old friends.

Only a collector knows the true value of the antiques and only a true friend understands the value of friendship, for the others, it is just old useless stuff. They are priceless only to those who understand these things. All friends old or new are priceless. They are your insurance, your safety net. Please make friends very carefully. Friends should compliment you, stand by you through thick and thin. Be your safety net, someone who will be there to catch you every time you fall. (They might try to stop you from falling but as an obtuse person as we are, we shall not listen and go down the part of self-destruction.) Do not let them go. Though if they are your true friends, they will not let you go even if you push them away. They will not leave when the going gets tough and come back when things get better. That is how you identify true friends.

It is rare to find such people, so if you have even one such friend, please count yourself lucky and treasure them. If you don’t then don’t hesitate to take the help and support of someone new willing to help you in your hour of need.

We all have to fight our battles because our battles are our own. No one can fight them for us just as our burdens are ours to carry. Friends make it seem easier for us to fight these battles and carry our burdens.

A person whose friends leave is a poor person, though such friends are better left behind as they would do more harm than good if they stick around. If you still manage to come out on the other side you are a determined person. A person while travelling in their darkness support other people to cross their darkness into the light is truly a strong person. They have more scars than they show even more than you can imagine.

Such a person will not let you see their scars. If you can see those scars, it means that they are opening up to you and you have to either leave, closing the door. If you put your foot in the door and leave, it will not be a good idea as this person is the safety net for many other people. It will have a domino effect the extent of which even you won’t know about. It could even damage your safety net which you probably thought you did not need.

Old friends that you thought were your lifeline will disprove you and the news ones you made because you could not say no to, might prove to support you in your hour of need.

Cherish them- Friends make the difficult journey of life worthwhile.

Love them- They will never let you be broken for long.



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  1. The friend in need is a friend indeed. That saying holds true I guess. A friend is someone who helps you when you need their support..if they are don’t do that then what’s the point of calling it friendship????

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