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If you are just like me, to whom people complain that you are “too loud”, “too much” etc. I just want to say that you will always be “too much” for someone too loud, too quiet, too boring, too this or that for others.

 I have been always asking myself the question “who are these people who decide too much”? And “How do they decide”? ” Are there any tests available for that?”.

All my life I have been told don’t talk too loudly, don’t scream, don’t laugh like that why can’t you be normal?

And now, I am asking these people what is the level of “normality” or the level of “too much”. What is the idea or criteria of too much? Is it something that depends on your own will or depends on situations? Or does it have a range like 90-100 it’s normal and below that it’s not?

The definition of “too much” and “too little” is very confusing in that the blame is always on someone else for being the person he/she is. Just to match the appropriateness of your definition of too much, they are forced to change their personality.

 Let’s just be considerate that it’s just part of who she/he is and everyone is unique.

And if you feel like you are not respected for trying to match their “too little”. You will always be the perfect person for yourself. Let’s just walk away. Walk away from the situation or the people that try to change your personality. And shame you for who you are. You might change yourself for a bit of a time and you might or might not regret it. But in the longer term, you will be suffocated and tired and feel out of the place.

Let’s just keep ourselves with ourselves and stay with who we are instead of changing ourselves or others because our perception of things or situations doesn’t match with someone else.


6 thoughts on “What is Normal? | Triah

  1. Looks like someone is angry! Just be yourself, right. Many people like us, many don’t we should not care.

  2. Haha I can relate.. People always tell me as well that I should behave like this and that and I am like screw you, I am awesome and I know it.

  3. I absolutely agree. I’ve always been told I am too much of a loner but in the pandemic that trait helped me a lot πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

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