Journey of Thoughts | Shalini

What you think and what you say isn’t always the same and here is a little something on the journey thoughts take before they bloom into words.

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8 thoughts on “Journey of Thoughts | Shalini

  1. I try to say what I feel and sometimes without any filter. I do what I want and I never compromise. I am stubborn, yes, but it’s the way I am.

    I liked Shalini’s pace. She spoke with patience. As my namesake, Jahnvi I suggest you should also speak a little patiently, sometimes you rush. I also do this often.

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      1. I enjoyed it, really listening to u was fun but it would be more fun if you took your time and one more suggestion, you should add some real life stories of guest authors and yours to put ur point across. That would also be nice. ☺️

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  2. Hi I am Mohit from Delhi, decided to give it a go and listen to the podcats. Am a little confused, should we think a lot before speaking or just say whatever we want?

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      1. Yes that’s an issue. In our society especially, we are told to respect elders, doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong, we just have to keep our head down.

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  3. As usual interesting topic. I fully agree with what you and your friend spoke about. It is important to intuitive sometimes.

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  4. I think if we take our decisions analytically, we should not regret them later on because if we have a solid reason to do something then we should do it. The power of hindsight is strong. Same can be said for intuition but that would differ from situation to situation.

    Saying what you want is necessary at times to ensure your own happiness does not get compromised but it is extremely tough if you’re surrounded by selfish or narcissists. Perhaps you should delve into this as well and write about the ways one can deal with selfish/narcissistic individuals.

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