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The age-old question- does the amount of money you have in your bank account, assets or belongings make you happy? Or are there far more things in life that lead to our happiness? This is a topic where there is no one clear cut simple answer. As we all as humans while we share similar traits are all individuals with different views on what makes us happy. Looking through any social media or certain aspects of news you will more than likely find the 1% of the worldโ€™s uber-wealthy.

Some have gained this wealth from birth, simply working hard or from a skill, those who have gained it from a skill have been helped by others to allow them to gain more and more financial gain. Examples of this could be football players, who gain a following, which leads to high pay from clubs, which is expanded by ticket sales and sponsorships of certain products. Go to Instagram and find anyone famous they will most likely be promoting some sort of product which gains them more money & influence to fans. Some people have even made a career out of this. But just because these people have large amounts of money, more than the vast majority on this planet, I don’t believe this makes them happier. Happiness is helped with money but having money does not create happiness. Can money buy you a nice place to live, yes it can? But living in a million-pound flat vs a standard flat does not mean for a solid fact you are happier or not.

Yes, having money can buy you the finer things in life, but some things money cannot change or buy, such as, ageing, experiences, love, family or friends. Some may argue that yes money could buy those three latter things but it will not be genuine. Being who you are will find those closest to you, while you canโ€™t choose your real family or when where you were born. There are aspects and choices in this world & life you can choose but money comes and money goes, it does not create or form happiness in its core state.


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  1. To a certain extent money is relevant but yes, in its entirety, money cannot buy everything in this world. Emotional connections and bondings are priceless. They do not come with a price tag.

  2. Good food for thought. I have to say I’d rather be unhappy while munching on my favorite food on a daily basis or be unhappy while traveling to various places than be satisfied with my circumstances in a shady place, not having sufficient meals on a day to day basis. I guess money is important to a large degree but the gist of what this post reflects is something I agree with that money will not be all and end all of everything.

      1. Glad to be reading these posts. I am sure millions of people would be enjoying these articles.

  3. Wow, wow, wow. It truly is an age-old question as to whether money makes us happy or not. I think the writer is spot on with his thoughts and while money is a necessity to live life, it is not the only reason to live life.

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