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Scars are a symbol of survival and hardship. It is time we embrace it.

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  1. Scars are a proof that you have fought and survived. We all have our own scars but you spoke about your traumatic experiences as well. Now I am curious to know a part or an example of it if possible.
    P.S. I think in description you have made a typo. It is “scares” instead of “scars”.

    1. Thank you for your support. I have edited the typo. About the example, I hope you like the blog enough to be here for the long run as I will share more about my experiences on other blog posts and podcasts. I might share that one as well.

  2. I have dealt with a lot of scars in my life as well but worst that happened was when my dad told me he cannot take me to Paris this and last year. We used to go there every year before Covid. Life is so tough. By the way, can anyone be your guest author even if you don’t know them personally?

  3. Scars, in a way, are an unwanted badge. However, it is true that we should embrace them as they shape our lives and the way we are. A fresh and deep perspective.

    “People tell you to get out of darkness but it isn’t very helpful.” This line reminded me of the meme in which person A says that he is sad and other person advises them to “not worry, be happy” and then the person A is like “Oh wow! Why didn’t I think of that in the first place?” 😂

    What was the word you said at last starting from “f”?

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