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Sometimes we cannot go to professionals. Sometimes self-care is the option we opt for. I wrote about how worrying does no good. I talked about how nothing will be achieved if we worry, the only thing it’ll cause is an illness. But that doesn’t mean we don’t worry; everyone worries and so do I. Let us together discover ways we can manage the anxiety and the stress that comes hand in hand with worrying healthily. I will not only share the best techniques that professionals say work but also what people do to manage stress and anxiety in their daily lives. Here we will list them out and talk briefly, but if you wish to talk about any particular in detail do let me know and we can dig deep as well.

Let us start with ‘talking to someone you trust ’ in my experience venting out works to some degree. If you feel there isn’t anyone you can trust, keeping a journal helps too. I keep a journal, even though I have people I can talk to, I just find journals to be rather effective. When you put down something in a journal it is essentially venting out what you feel in writing form. For many people exercising help, physical work out. Going for a run or doing yoga works for people who like to exercise. Let me be candid with you and tell you this is not my preferred method. But it most definitely can work for you. As when you exercise your mood get moderated and also sleeping well is very important and more often than not helps stress relief to a large degree. Exercising often directly contributes to that as when you exhaust yourself physically your body asks for sleep. Sometimes as small as scented candles or scent diffusers also have a known effect on feeling peaceful for a short duration. Many times, stress can be caused due to the feeling of lack of control, this can be worked on by not being passive and trying to do what best can be done in the time available. If you keep complaining about lack of time you are essentially wasting the much you have. I am probably not the best person to tell you this but eating healthy is important as well. Now I am not asking you to eat something or not eat something. I feel a good balance of meat and vegetables is good. But whatever suits you best is what you should go for. Focus on your breathing and try to keep it steady and balanced. Sometimes irregular breathing patterns can harm mental and physical health.

Being mindful of your surroundings is one way you can feel more connected to your environment and in turn to yourself. Sometimes it is important to have me time and just get away from anything that makes you feel negative even remotely. Also, high doses of caffeine intake are known factors for an increase in anxiety levels. If you tend to get anxious easily try and reduce drinking too much coffee, tea, energy drinks, etc. Chewing gum is a known stress reliever as it keeps you moving and releases stress as it promotes the flow of blood into your brain. I could go on further but this is already a bigger write up than all of my other ones, so, I will end it with what my current and upcoming guest authors told me they do when they feel anxious:

Kritika ­– “I try to distract myself from thinking about it. I am an overthinker. So, in situations like these, what I try to do is distract myself; I try to do things that would take my mind completely off the topic. One of the things that calms me down the best is sleeping. Taking a nap eases my restless nerves and calms me down so when I wake up, I am in a better state of mind and less anxious. If not that, I try listening to some music or reading a book which helps me take my mind off things. Talking to someone or going to park or sitting in green fields or simply surrounding myself with nature also helps me in worrying less and relaxing.”

Shalini – “I close my eyes, take a deep breath and take a step back and try to look at the bigger picture. First, I try to identify how it will affect my daughter. If it does not affect her, I generally let it go under the assumption that it is not important. If it will affect her then I take the worst-case scenario and start thinking about how to make it better and take it from there. I start taking the necessary steps. There is no demon that I am unwilling to slay for her. Doing gives me purpose. Whether I succeed or I fail the fact that I put my best foot forward and was successful in at least removing a few pebbles from her path is something that helps in coping with my anxiety.”

Niall Mostly I talked to my mother who has helped me a lot with these situations or had to learn on my own and develop these skills for myself and learn to accept the situation. Sharing your problems is by far the best way to deal with them.  But I do say this, meaning only to share stuff with people you are close with. For the longest time, I have had trust issues with people because of being hurt emotionally many times. But knowing what I know now it’s all a journey & you can grow and develop yourself. Dealing with this stuff is by no means easy but like with many other aspects of life you have to find who your real friends and family are. The people who will always be there for you in good times and especially the bad and difficult.”

TriahWhen anxious we tend to focus on negativity than positivity. As an anxious person, it is, important to make a gratitude list and it is a way of showing what we are thankful for, appreciating life. And reminding oneself of them when in pain or excessive worrying.”

Rohit“I realized the source of my anger is not being able to ignore anything and having too many responsibilities so I got determined to cope up. For starters, I started listening to my favourite music on repeat and listening to songs sung for Buddha and religious songs. Also listening to slow melancholic music makes me feel low and calm. Anger is a choice we make so I started to ignore more often that I pay attention to and to ignore I mean ignoring whatever does not suit my peace of mind and processing everything that does compel with it.”

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  1. Correct about this post being lengthier than any other so far. Took me a while to finish reading it as I kept getting distracted (am I developing ADD? JK, side effect of having all the responsibilities).

    All that aside, this article is highly informative and the style of writing was engaging as it contains humor and candid admissions of the writer.

    The suggestions are multiple and everyone has their own approach to cope up with it. Personally, I used to run and sprint a lot to release these emotions. I liked the idea of sleeping/napping as well. Also talking to my mother used to be a thing I did often that helped me a lot. Exercising is one of the best way too, especially, throwing several punches at a punching bag (just don’t do it to a person), releases both anger and anxiety. I should try that out at some point.

  2. Started using wordpress today and glad to have found this blog. Amazing read and the topic at hand is of interest for me. Good tips.

  3. Ah! My love for psychological understanding about its concepts drove me to search for anxiety management techniques to help out a colleague and although it’s a topic that has been shared by many writers, I felt this post was intriguing. Many different people sharing how they tackle it was nice to read in this article. Honestly it is easier said than done but we need discussions regarding it from time to time. I am digging your blog.

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