Tricks of the mind | Rohit

My mind is playing a trick on me. It never shows its true potential to me or is the universe too scared of me gaining the real consciousness and experiencing the real joy of life?

I guess we are all supposed to suffer. This lust, pain, greed etc are like termites of this body and we need a cleanse which we are sometimes not ready for.  Money governs us, it makes us feel like it can solve everything but as they say, I have seen a poor man smiling with joy and a rich man crying in his Ferrari.

This is all a trick being played by our mind, satan is luring all of us with his apple, if only we eat it we fall into his trap or if we sustain, we control, be patient with our body and mind, we might live the real life, the real happiness can be found and also you can then know the true meaning of living.

Another thing is we don’t share or maybe we don’t know how to share our feelings because sometimes we don’t know how we feel. Is it another personality of us that is feeling miserable or is this the environment, vibes or existential crisis and I believe that a major part of this is heartbreak. A broken heart can’t express itself, it can’t feel anymore, can’t express the true emotion. It is like catching a bird in a thunderstorm. This life has to have a meaning and for that, we need control and the power to let go of the past and future and live in the moment. Love unconditionally or maybe having an urge to love someone again. Not living life senselessly and living in the moment and smiling back at tough situations and say I am stronger than you so don’t try and break me.

Living blissfully is our need. For that set your mind free and don’t be enslaved by your mind


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