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“Never stop believing because miracles happen everyday”

All of us believe in something. Something that we think about strongly, something we have complete faith in. We all believe in something or the other in the world around us. Something that makes us stronger, something that gives us strength and motivation, something that makes us want to strive for everything in life. A belief that doesn’t let us give up―on our work, on our dreams, on OURSELVES.

There is something that makes us want to thrive for a better outcome, a better future, a better us, and that something is our ‘Belief’.

When everything seems to be going wrong and we are almost on the verge of giving up, it is our belief that pulls us back from that void that we were about to slip into. May it be our belief in sunrises, a warm cup of coffee, the sound of waves crashing against the shore, the grey clouds and the rain, smiling, being kind…anything. Anything that in our lowest and darkest times has the ability to refresh us, to wash a calm over us, to act like a gust of fresh air when we are feeling suffocated with what surrounds us. The belief that promises us that everything will be okay one day.

And it is not necessary we believe in only one thing. We might be believing in a lot of things, holding onto this tiny hope for dear life because of these things we believe in, staggering and stumbling forward in our lives and journeys to see everything falling into place.

I believe in the night, in connection, in music, in crying, in the green fields, in sleep. I believe in the calmness and silence of the night, in the satisfaction and joy of connecting to a person, to understand them and have them understand me, in the power of music that stops my racing emotions and makes me focus and have control over my thoughts or simply lets me soak in its melodies and escape into a different world, in the peace the green colour of the crop fields bring when they dance in the wind, in stopping myself from stressing and overthinking about something too much by taking a nap when I know nothing I can do at that time will help me solve the problem I am facing.

What is that YOU truly and deeply believe in?



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