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From an early age I struggled to form connections & friendships with others of my own age, my parents told me that it was not them but me who did not want to talk to anyone. This to a degree has followed me throughout my life. I certainly would call myself an introvert, much more enjoying the company of myself to a large crowd. Yet some would say, โ€œHe does not want to know meโ€ which that to an extent is true, but it’s based on other circumstances. Do the most popular people in the world enjoy being around everyone? No because we as humans all have our different clicks or groups of people we gravitate towards.

Sometimes those groups collide together unexpectedly. An example being most commonly, work. You work with a group of people for a large part of the day with potentially only the one common thing between all of you, the work itself. Yet, many people’s closest friends are that from work or school. Why is that? I think it’s because people bond over similar experiences, example, you’re in class and the teacher is talking on and on and someone nearby starts talking to you. One thing leads to another you may find things both of you are into. Using this principle, you could say the same about work, just replace the teacher with your boss or during your lunch break.

But what about the people for whom this has not been possible, where does one go to find oneโ€™s people? That is a question particularly difficult to answer, given the world events taking place. The most straightforward answer is to follow what you enjoy. At least that’s what I’ve been told throughout my life. It’s kind of a mixed bag, I’ve formed friendships which were good at the time, but for one reason or another fell away. The big take away I can say to anyone reading this is, a friendship or any relationship for that matter should be equal. I learned that the hard way, when people who you think are your friends are not there for you or just take and they take without reciprocating. There have been times it’s been upsetting for me. Yet two phrases I’ve taken onboard have helped, Rise Above & Control Your Narrative. There is no magic way to find your people in the world, but if you are always yourself the right people should come to you in time.


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