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There have been numerous write-ups and articles on the topic of gratitude and how important and impactful it is in one’s life. But today, I would like to present you with my thoughts about the topic.

When I think about it, gratitude is being thankful. Thankful not only for the big things and major incidences in life but also for the small things and tiny contributions by others. Gratitude is when I know I am standing where I am not just because of my hard work and efforts but also because of all those people who cheered for me, who supported me, who motivated me, who helped me even in the tiniest way possible and I know that without all those people, reaching where I am today would have been difficult or would have taken much more time and efforts. It is including others in my achievements and accomplishments because I know I wasn’t the only one who worked hard to reach here.

When I achieve something in my life, it gives me immense happiness. That hard work, that pain finally gave me good results. But I also know that I cannot take all the credits for my achievement because while I was stressed and anxious about my work or when I faced failures along the way, my mother was there to help me calm down, my sister was there to lighten up my mood, my friends were there to encourage me, my teachers and mentors were there to help me work harder. In a way, I consider even my personal achievements as group achievements because I believe it wouldn’t have been the same without others by my side.

What is the point of being thankful to so many things and people, you’d wonder. Well, for me, being thankful to every little thing and the smallest contribution by a person makes me feel grounded. I believe that even if it was possible to achieve something on my own, these little things done by others made me reach my destination faster, or it made me stronger by preparing me for difficult times. It makes me realise how much I, as a human, depend on others and how essential and impactful that dependence is. And showcasing that gratitude not only makes me happy that I am able to express my gratefulness to them, but also makes those people happy that the act they had performed, no matter how big or small, made a change in someone else’s life.

I hope after this, you too, start appreciating the little things and acts done by people in life and experience the happiness and the feeling of content that comes along with it.



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  1. You are blessed by many qualities Kritika, but I love the way you express the feelings. Wonderful article🌷 Well done 😘😍God bless you❤️

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