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Have you noticed how a pressure cooker works? I am sure you have seen it but not noticed itโ€™s working. It is a simple concept- the fire heats up the water converting it into steam. When it is filled with steam the valve present releases the steam making a sound till a substantial amount is released and then it goes quiet. This process goes on a few times till you finally switch off the heat. We are that pressure cooker and the fire is what we face in our life personally or professionally every day. We need a valve to release the steam building up in us constantly. That valve is TALKING. We need to let out steam by talking.

To emphasize the importance of talking let me take the above example further. When something blocks the valve, the steam is not released and keeps accumulating till the cooker shatters injuring everyone around it. Human beings are similar to the cooker, we also need to let out steam or we shatter injuring not only ourselves but everyone around us.

Let me tell you that everyone has stress, even people who say that they donโ€™t. they are actually hiding it. Stress is there, the question now is how to minimize it? Everyone you will ask this question, will give you a different answer. Every individual has a different coping mechanism to deal with and they know (most times) what works best for them. But there is only one universal and most effective mechanism to cope with, that is TALKING. You must talk. Speak out. Talk to anyone (some people even talk to themselves in their head as a way of coping). Talk to someone who can help you. He/she might not be a professional but should know enough to be able to help and guide you and if required be able to tell if you need professional help.

But coming back to the topic at hand- the importance of talking- Please talk to avoid shattering. It is the best coping mechanism. You need to constantly make space in your life so as to be able to take more of what life throws your way without losing yourself or shattering (trust me life will keep tossing you around)

Silence is actually a cry for help very few will notice or even understand.

So, talk


If required shout even

For when steam is being let out there will be sound sometimes even deafening sound though not everyone will be able to hear it.


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