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Love and attachment are separate entities. Attachment hinders growth, love nurtures growth. People assume attachment and love always come together and both cannot exist individually. But you can be attached to someone and not love them, and love someone and not be attached to them. People have this habit of attaching themselves to other people, they are afraid to be without those anchors, afraid to freely float. It’s like a hook that they attach to something because they’re afraid to fall and have no one to catch them. It shouldn’t be seen as falling, rather floating away – like a hot air balloon.

We tend to try and put our anchor on to another hot air balloon, or a tree, or anywhere it can find stability so that we can settle down, become stable. Hitch your balloon with another so that you have a partner to go through difficult times; Get a home, so that you can fix the hot air balloon on the ground; Get settled.

The most beautiful thing is that we have unlimited energy inside us. Unlimited love, if I gave away my love to every living thing in this world: Humans, animals, plants, EVERYTHING. I will still be left with infinite love, because infinity minus anything is still infinity. People have started trading love, you don’t need someone’s love if you give them love. You already have infinite of it. Anything you add to it will take you to infinite + 1. And guess how much is that? Also, infinite.

This is an abundance mindset, where you look forward to giving, without expecting anything in return because you believe you have infinite of it.

Comparing love is no good either, they don’t love me as much as I do or I love them more than they do me, it all means nothing. If you love someone, you love them. Period. Love is ALWAYS one sided, it’s just the energy that you’re radiating. It is that positive vibration wishing for someone’s welfare without asking for a trade deal. There’s nothing more.

It’s like feeding a street dog in another city. You don’t know if you’ll see it again in your lifetime, but you still feed it with love, show love. That is the definition of true love.

No expectations.

No ulterior motives.

Just that willingness to give.

In that moment, when you love someone, the happiness you feel in this case by feeding the dog, it’s unique. You’ll never experience it the same way with another dog and guess what? You don’t need to. You can allot a special place for every living thing in this world in your heart and still it will have more.

Infinite love.

Infinite space in heart.

You can let someone have a special place and nobody can replace them. No matter where they are or what they’re doing. Once that space is theirs, it’s theirs. No rent. No maintenance. Moreover, no replacements. Their infinity will always remain and super long lasting.

So, love is not that complicated if you understand it. But it can be impossible to figure out if you look for symptoms rather than the virus.

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  1. But wht if someone doesn’t accept ur love even if it’s without any expectations or willingness and refuses it. Where shall he put his anchor nxt.

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