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People always ask me what I want to be in life and I don’t know how to give them one answer. I don’t want to be one thing; thus, I don’t have a single answer to that. But what I can tell you is that I want to be happy. Like everyone I too have plans for the future, but like everyone I don’t really know what the future holds. I could achieve everything I want to achieve, or maybe none of it. It is important to have small goals throughout life instead of having one big goal, that you may or may not achieve. These small goals in future join up and when you look back, it’ll all make sense and you’ll see the bigger goal you ended up achieving. Aim to be happy with what you have and keep striving for more. But as you strive for more, don’t forget to be happy in your existing situation. Enjoy every moment while thinking of the future. It doesn’t have to be all work no play; it can just as easily be some work some play. Now the division between the two is on you, but make sure there is the component of play in life.

Aim to be happy, and that is what you will be looking back on in the future. Ask yourself again, what do I want to be in life? Now say it with me, I want to be happy.

Happy is different for different people. For someone it may be having a big family and for the others it might be having a business empire. In both of these situations you don’t have to go right at it and focus on nothing else at all. Keep working towards your end goal but the little moments of play or break is what will recharge you. Without these small moments which right now seem unimportant will be the cause of why you didn’t burn out.

These small moments when cherished will be the reason you smile in the future. It will be your very own sense of well being and joy. While you smile at it looking back from the future, right now it is doing an even bigger role. Not just helping you recharge but this positive psychology has an overall effect on your mental and physical health. It isn’t a permanent situation but achievable if you keep open to it. Every action we take in life is directly or indirectly for the purpose of happiness.

It is alright to drift away into your happy place and rejuvenate.

2 thoughts on “What do I Want to be? | Jahnvi

  1. Sometimes we are living so much in the future that we forget to live today, now, here. It is important to plan for the future but not at the cost of today.

  2. There is no joy and no willingness to live if we are not happy. I try to stay positive no matter what happens in life. You must also do the same I am sure.

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